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Istrian Malvasia is the most widespread grape variety in the area of Fažana. It is an old autochthonous variety that grows throughout Istria, so today it is the synonym of both Fažana and Istrian wine production. Such a bunch of grapes is medium size and loose, berries are also medium size to large, round and of greenish-yellow color. In areas of Fažana exposed to the sun the berries become golden-yellow (in that case the wine can also be of the same color). Owing to plenty of sunshine, fine locations and red soil Malvasia grapes of Fažana contain a lot of sugar (about 20.0% or more) and have a moderate acid content (about 5 g/l). For these reasons the produced wine is quite strong (12.0 - 13.0 vol. %), lightly acidic (5.0 g/l acid content), it has a rich extract, very harmonious and smooth with a specific flowery and fruit flavor of locust tree flowers. Malvasia has a fine color ranging from pale yellow to straw yellow.

Once Malvasia was produced in the so-called "traditional way" or as it is referred to locally "na dropu". This means that the grapes were first crushed, and then all together left for fermentation. It lasted 4 - 7 days and then the juice was separated, and the skins and pulp were pressed. Such separated juice was left until the end of the fermentation process. Wines produced in such a way were deep yellow, slightly dry and very strong.




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