Excursions Brijuni National Park



The sightseeing tour includes: a ride by tourist train, visit to the remains of the Roman villa rustica from the I century B.C. in the bay of Verige, and the safari park which breeds the following animals: zebra, Somali sheep, zebu (the holy east Indian humped ox), dromedary, llama and elephant.

The tour also includes visits to the archaeological museum located in the Citadel building from the XVI century and the Church of St. Germain with permanent exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic writings from Istra..

The sightseeing of the island of Veliki Brijun is organized under un expert guidance in Croatian, Italian, Germain, Russian and English
You are kindly requested to book the excursion to Brijuni  on the following phone numbers: +385 (0) 52 525883, 525882,  or e-mail: izleti@brijuni.hr, several days before you plan your trip.
Dogs are allowed on the island Veliki Brijun on the condition that the following rules are respected:
- dogs have to be on the leash all the time,
- dogs are not allowed in the touristic train,
- dogs are not allowed in areas such as museums, exhibitions, churches, shops and restaurants,
- dogs are not allowed in the „Safari park“ area (an enclosure where both indigenous and exotic animals are kept).


Pricelist for 2018 in Kuna



St. Jerolim

The sightseeing program for the island of St. Jerolim consists of the possibility to accept individual and group visits with all-day stay and sunbathing. The shallow-draft vessels are allowed to anchor and sail between the islands paying the fee. The private and public vessels that transport the visitors on the island of St. Jerolim are allowed to anchor without previous announcement paying the fee directly on the island to the authorized person from the Public Institution.

Kozada (Kotež)

The sightseeing tour for the visitors includes the all – day stay and sunbathing. The shallow-draft vessels are allowed to anchor on the island without previous announcement and no fee is paid.