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Istrian cuisine... it reflects a mixture of civilizations: covering the areas of the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Balkans. Distinctive features of the coastal and continental cuisines are clearly visible everywhere: fish and seafood prepared in different ways; pasta ("fuži", gnocchi, lasagna, "pasutice"...) with various sauces: game, farm-raised chicken, beef; sausages and boneless pork loin ("ombolo"), sauerkraut, polenta... And of course a typical Istrian meal is not complete without the wide range of "maneštre" (similar to the Italian minestrone).

The most characteristic wines are definitely Malvasia and Teran stored in the local wine cellars. A typical specialty is Istrian soup ("istarska supa"), red wine with toasted bread, olive oil and sugar – wine served as food and prepared in a fireplace. Such a delicacy, both food and drink, is served in an ornamented majolica jug ("bukaleta"); the bread is taken out separately with a spoon and eaten, whereas the wine is drunk from the "bukaleta" which is passed around.

Seasoning adds a specific note to the art of Istrian cooking, as well as home grown fruit and vegetables coming from an unpolluted environment, which is one of their greatest values.