The Path of good Vibrations is a walk and bike trail for self-sightseeing of specially selected locations that provide a place for relaxation, contemplation of beauty, serenity, love and good feelings with the aim of a positive shift from the daily life.

Places that can't be described, but must be experienced. Place so magical and real, whose beauty everyone experiences differently. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful feelings of happiness, compliance, love and freedom. Discover the magic of Fažana and Brijuni you have never experienced before...

The Path of good Vibrations consists of eight specially selected locations, three in Fažana and five on Veliki Brijun Island, where artistic benches, chairs and swings are placed, info panels are placed and reveal the peculiarities of the site, as well as the sounds of nature, music, piano and „klapa“ (a capella) songs  that complement the moment.
Fažana locations can be viewed at any time, without prior notice and payment. For Brijuni NP sites prior notice and park entrance payment is required.


The Path of good Vibrations