HAND MADE FAIR AND ISTRIA GOURMET- fair of Istrian souvenirs and Istrian gourmet products - every Wednesday

15/6 - 31/8
20,00 - 23,00 at Fazana´s waterfront

1/9 - 15/9
19,00 - 22,00 at Fazana´s waterfront

At Fazana's waterfront, together with the beauty of folk costumes and traditional folk dances, the fair of autochthonous products and Istrian souvenirs will surely inspire you to choose anything you like from Istria and take it back home to remind you of the wonderful holiday or as a gift for a dear person, presenting a more complete picture of Istrian tradition. Kažuni, šterne, bukalete, sopele, roženice... are all possible souvenirs that will remind you of Fazana, or you can choose extra virgin olive oil that adds a superb taste to your food and unavoidable wines such as malvazija and teran..