Fažana, the meeting place of guests, friends from all over the world has preserved the distinctive features of setting and local tradition. The fruits of the fertile red Istrian soil are just as important as those from the sea, so the festivals, celebrations and other events are always a great opportunity to taste the nature’s bounty. First of all pilchards! This wonderful oily fish that can be prepared in over 100 ways, with a taste of olive oil and accompanied by a glass of homemade wine is just one of the many delicacies. And then fish stew brodetto with different kinds of seafood, homemade maneštre, pasta and roast meat! Traditional sweet dishes fritule, kroštule and cukerančići add a special flavor to the palate, just like the song has a special meaning for the soul. And the song is an invitation to the square in Fažana, along with the morning cry of seagulls and evening twinkling of lanterns.